About Us


The (online) Shop for vintage and design furniture from the 20th century, with a slight preference for Dutch and Scandinavian Designers. Furniture, lamps and accessories, from the 1950s untill the 1980s, are collected and purchased by Wouter Kroezen.

Showroom with Designers
55concept.com offers different designes of Scandinavian and Dutch Designers. The furniture and accessories are styled in the showroom, so the customer has allways the oppertunity to try out the furniture. Special encounters! In the store the collection can be seen with every possible combinations of furniture and accessories.

We like to welcome you in our Store at the Rijksstraatweg 37 Wilp or online. Openings hours are Friday 13-17 and Saterday from 10-17 o’clock, Monday-Friday on appointment


About Wouter Kroezen

In 2016 Wouter started with 55concept.com. Purchase and sale of vintage and designer furniture. Wouter’s passion for design has grown over the years. The craft with which furniture and accessories are designed still surprises him every day. With extensive experience in the retail living industry, Wouter has finally taken the step to start his company 55concept.com. An entrepreneur who is successful because he follows his heart, has good entrepreneurship and sells great pieces worldwide.

Entrepreneurship is following your heart

Wouter’s experience in the retail living sector has contributed to good entrepreneurship. The craftsmanship with which the furniture has been designed arouses Wouter’s curiosity. The peace that a piece of furniture exudes. Timeless. The design with an eye for detail. Wouter’s passion is the purchase and sale of vintage and designer furniture, and he can convey that to his customers. Every concept has a story, a history and above all a new future.


Positive impact from 55concept

Different styles are shown next to each other in the store. And 55concept.com is always looking for vintage and designer furniture. In recent years, Wouter has been able to meet customer requests that have been submitted to 55concept. How nice is that? Satisfied customers who can buy their beloved vintage or design furniture. Furniture that is exported all over the world. Of course it can happen that a piece of furniture has to undergo a small repair. That too is always reported and often provided with a cost specification.